защо си? why are you?

Why are you? Why? Are you? - I’ve been lost, found myself again and got lost again. What saves me every time is my mind, wandering towards a state of artistic creation, saving me from drowning. Creating helps me cope - the pain, as something negative, turns into art - the most positive source I have known. I have something to tell and I want to communicate it. To speak or to break - I choose to thrive. How I narrate my own life, how much emotional pain impacts and how the private becomes relevant for the public. The pain makes me dive into my mind’s deep waters and I experience new ways depicting it. My art is my exit plan. Maybe pain doesn’t create creativity. But it allows feelings and giving them a voice.
published: UE Germany

have you ever known what it's like to feel alone?
i'm hiding in the darkness
running from the shadows

the sun arose
she created new shadows
i enjoyed not getting sunburned anymore

in the shadows
no shadows